SBPs and support staff

“Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end.”
– Edward Whymper (on how to climb a mountain!)

Professional development

Whether new to school business management/leadership, looking for CPD advice, or seeking support in a particular area of your role, I offer workshops, exploring ways to improve effectiveness for self and the team. Workshops are fast-paced, interactive and fun!

If you are part of a network of SBMs and looking to provide affordable professional development, have a look at the Training page for a selection of my workshops.

Performance management

Meaningful support staff performance management is dear to my heart.

For a case study on introducing performance management for support staff colleagues, read:

Mentoring school business professionals

Mentoring can be an invaluable support for any practitioner wishing to develop their management and/or leadership skills. I have the privilege to mentor a number of school business professionals, including SBMs, SBLs, Office Managers and Finance Managers. I work with sensitivity and, of course, confidentiality. Key aims are to support the development of skills and confidence, whilst exposing the mentee to different ideas and perspectives within the context in which they work.

I wanted to thank you for supporting me in all the different ways that you do, mostly without you even knowing you’re doing it. You help me to see things differently and from a new perspective, which is what’s needed for progressing through this programme.

– Mentee, Senior Leadership Programme Level 7 (Masters)


The imperative for optimum contribution from all staff goes without saying. School business leaders must challenge the norm, presenting fresh and innovative solutions.  With no option but to spend less, we must continue to spend better!

Reviewing  support staff structures to ensure best fit and best value is an essential part of this.  Contact me if you would like me to provide a staff review based on a positive, yet honest, WWW (what works well) and EBI (even better if) model.

“Nickii spent a day reviewing our office functionality. She was incredibly perceptive and listened carefully to ensure she accurately understood information relayed to her.  Nickii’s approach was spot on; friendly but professional with an ability to draw out information from all participants in the review.  Her report features practical and purposeful proposals which will add strength and efficiency to the office team.  Thank you Nickii for your time, honesty and inspirational leadership.”

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