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All the geese

All the geese specialises in personalised training, development and reviews for business management and teaching staff.  I have a reputation for providing insightful solutions to what can sometimes appear to be entrenched challenges!

Originally from a commercial background,  I have many years experience in school business leadership and am passionate about training and developing school and academy support staff.

I construct and deliver bespoke training and CPD events and am a regular speaker at local, national and international conferences.

In today’s financial climate, I believe that effective business management and leadership is critical to the success of  all organisations, not least schools.

I am delighted to have been appointed as Lead Assessor for Best Practice Network, leading on end point assessments for SBP L4 Apprenticeships.

“Thank you Nickii for all your wisdom and professionalism – this is the hallmark of your support for the development of the SBM profession”

“You are a consummate professional who brings so much, in terms of knowledge and understanding of leadership and process, how to apply it effectively, critically analyse and reflect on practice, and all delivered with superb facilitation skills”

“Thank you for your audit report,  It is certainly the most relevant one our academy has ever had.  We especially appreciated your business-like and measured approach”

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