Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy

Staff training days and workshops

Are you looking to provide training and development for your staff?  I specialise in developing and delivering bespoke INSET days/half days and workshops to help staff at all levels reach their potential. Whether these are one-off events or a programme of continuing development, the aim is always to provide inspiration, motivation, confidence and support for you and your colleagues.

Here are are just a few examples of workshops that I offer:

  • “Whatever you are, be a good one”, Abraham Lincoln
  • Business management /leadership professional development training day
  • Managing an overwhelming workload
  • Risk Awareness (for SBLs and HTs)
  • Business Leadership – survive, thrive and enjoy!
  • Courageous conversations and the art of effective communication
  • The complexities of leading change
  • Developing influential leadership: especially for those new to leadership
  • Leading and developing your team
  • Project management for beginners
  • Teaching staff: New to Department/Faculty Leadership – Full day workshop

“Thank you for your workshop.  it has helped me to focus on why I do the job and made me think about how to be more effective and efficient by managing my stress and workload”

“You give me and my team the confidence that we can become the strategic leaders our school needs us to be!”

“You always make me laugh, and while I am laughing I realise that I am learning too!  I have become so much more effective in my role because of your workshops”

Middle leadership courses

My middle leadership courses aimed at developing support staff within the context of whole organisational improvement, continue to prove highly popular and successful. These can be run for single/networks/clusters of organisations, or to suit your own situation.  They provide the skills, understanding and top tips for those working at, or aspiring to, middle leadership and are always motivational and fun!

The Support Staff Middle Leadership course also supports development against the ISBL Professional StandardsBehaviours‘.  For more information, please visit support staff middle leadership.

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